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What is Caribea?


Caribea is a quiet and serene restaurant set on 2 acres in the middle of Kilimani, Nairobi located on Komo lane (Off Wood Avenue). It has four spacious koroga bandas, that can
accommodate large groups of 30 people and two smaller Koroga Bandas for 15 people. It also has an open Bacardi bar, garden area and also an indoor Famous Grouse bar and an A’-la- Carte restaurant.

While it’s menu boasts the best of continental and Indian cuisines, it’s also wildly popular for it’s koroga bandas which are perfect for those Koroga nights or a relaxing afternoon. Each banda has its own cooking station which may be catered or allow self-cooking with the ingredients provided.

The restaurant also has an indoor section if one prefers to sit it out and enjoy their meal at a quiet table.  Caribea Bar & Restaurant has seven menus :
1. Main Menu
2. Koroga Menu
3. Steak Menu
4. Wednesday Night Seafood Menu.
5. Daily Set Menu (Monday- Sunday)
6. Drinks Menu
7. Wine List

What is Koroga?

Koroga, is a uniquely Kenyan style of dining outdoors on (nominally) Indian cuisine. The word means mix or stir in Kiswahili, and koroga is precisely what diners do for themselves with a bounty of chopped ingredients and spices.

A bit like camping in the city, parties situate themselves in bandas, each outfitted with a jiko, where diners enjoy a full bar and ready-to- order starters from their delectable A’-la Carte menu with table service, while they prepare their main meal.

Meet the Chef

Chef Raghuveer cuts an imposing figure in the kitchen, even when he is not holding a knife.  His introduction to the world of culinary arts began in 2002, working in a wide variety of restaurants in Mumbai and most notably the Five Star Westin Hotels & Resorts, Mumbai.  Apart from preparing a wide variety of Indian delicacies, he was also responsible for training fellow staff on safe food handling in the kitchen.

He has been at Caribea Bar & Restaurant since 2015.

Meet the Team






Front House Team

From left to right: Lewis, Maria, Emma, Sylvia, Kevin, Celestine, Mulwa, Kachi, Stephen

Kitchen Team

From left to right: Mary, Njeru, Nyamai, Raghuveer, Kyaka, Mutuku, Peris

Front House Team

From left to right: Mike, Charles, Owiti

We are open daily from 11am – 3am!
Call 0703993123/0789821571/0706363211 to make a reservation today!

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